Home Business Tips – How Does Your Mood Ruin Your Business? 5 Tips to Ensure it Doesn’t

Have you ever walked into a store where the employees were all standing around talking to each other? One person may have looked up when you came in but gave you “the look”. The look of “oh darn here comes another one to disturb us!”. Your own mood can do that very thing to your customers and clients on-line.When you use social media marketing your own mood will set the tone for your interactions with people. Here are five steps to ensure that you present a “good mood” online.Acknowledge people, respond to their questions, tweets or comments. One of the main reasons I now purchase product from Jeff Herring, The Article Marketing Guy, is because he thanked me for re-tweeting his tweets. Set yourself apart from many of the people on-line and acknowledge people.
Be interested in what they want, people are not likely to do business with you until they know how much you care. Engage in conversations, either on-line or off-line. Ask questions and pay attention to the answers. I am able to get lots of ideas for articles just because I pay attention to the questions and answers.
Listen carefully to what people ask and say. When I present at speaking engagements I get asked numerous questions about social media marketing. I love those questions because not only can I answer them right then and there; then I can also write an article or two on the topic as well.
Follow through, nothing is worse than having someone promise something then not delivering. I will often tell people that was an “excellent question”, I’ll have to write an article about it. Then I have to make sure that I do. You will not be seen as a reliable business person if you do not follow through.
Follow up, I am sure you have heard the saying “the money is in the follow up”. It is so very true. Think back to a time where you purchased a product and when you attempted to get the support that was promised there was nothing there. No one answered your questions. I will bet that did not leave you feeling good about that person or business, did it? Be sure to follow up with your customers and clients. In the beginning you may have to do this yourself, but as your business grows you will be able to hire people to assist you and purchase programs that will do some of the routine work for you.these five tips into practice in your home based business and your social media marketing methods and you will definitely see a difference in your results.