Home Business Tips – 5 Tips to Build Your Home Based Business That Work

As I build my home based business I have realized that there are lots of coaches out there with lots of different ideas for success. However it has also become obvious that most of them teach many of the same principles. These are the five that I have found to be consistent and that really do work.1) Always be opening new long-term relationships, it is not about “closing” someone on a sale but getting to know someone and understanding what they are looking for.2) Keep an open mind. You never know where your next huge sale will come from or who will be your next business partner. Let people make their own decisions, you want them on your team because they want to be there. Anything other than that is more work and headaches for you.3) Listening is key, you want to know what people are looking for. Does what you have to offer fill that need. When you really listen you will hear exactly what their need is and if they are ready they will sell themselves on your business.4) Offensively handle every objection. You want to understand where your new clients and partners are coming from, we all have different perspectives. Ask them “Help me to understand” When it is not about making sure that you are right; you will learn to love it when someone tells you no.As I learned from Jeff Herring in building any business on-line you will need an open heart and a thick skin.Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect.” – William Clement Stone5) Always be early for all your appointments. This gives you an edge, you will already be settled in and set up when your potential team member arrives.It really is about building relationships long term. Remember you are going to spend at least 5 years working closely with your team members, you also want to make sure there is a match. Not everyone is right for YOUR team. Learning to build relationships on-line is a very effective way to find your new clients and customers.